According to starry-eyed entrepreneurs, the only technique to become very rich financially and personally–in other words, to become rich–is to begin your own business.

From Silicon Roundabout into Silicon Valley, the complete number of startups launched globally can be tough to grasp. According to the current GEM Global report, nearly 100 million businesses are launched annually; that comes to more than three businesses every second, or 11,000 new startups per hour. For these small business owners throughout the world who compete against big guns daily, technology is a very important tool that’s leveling the playing field for these entrepreneurs.

If technology is well-executed, small scale businesses have the opportunity to scale up. A single Amazon publication can become a series; a single hotdog stand can mushroom into a national franchise. The increasing use of the Internet, smartphones, program development, along with other state-of-the-art technology forced many businesses to go online to serve a larger audience.

Utilization of the perfect technology may accelerate business processes by making different business tasks more flexible such as making communication easy, securing your business data, improving customer care, and much more.

To ring in the New Year, below are my picks for the best techs to get a small-business proprietor to help increase profits and stay ahead of competitors.

Augmented Reality Devices
Business ideas are better acknowledged when they’re shown, not told. The question concerning the future of augmented reality disappeared, following the launch of Microsoft HoloLens eyeglasses. The company recently announced the AR headset will be available by early next year. Businesses can use augmented reality devices such as the HoloLens of Microsoft to reveal designs, work together remotely, and create things with regard to the real world. These AR devices provide a special opportunity to deliver products and information to life.

Wireless Conference Rooms
Each small and large company requires a meeting room to go over progress and strategy with the team. Nowadays, many businesses are embracing a wireless solution for meetings that connect offices, team members, and customers, regardless of their location. One such option is that the VIA line of collaboration tools, made by Kramer, which is designed to select the conference room to where your team is.

VIA enables companies to stream videos and demonstrations across different conference rooms. These distinctive features help businesses to take meetings outside showing simple presentations and really allow workers to work together.

The Internet of Things
From smart lights to connected security cameras, the Internet of Things has provided a broad assortment of consumer-facing technologies. Businesses are benefiting from IoT apparatus in the kind of connected sensors and cameras to track productivity and efficiency. Since IoT grows within the office, it is going to accelerate employee freedom; allowing team members to become more effective –regardless of their place on the planet.

Cloud Computing
Most individuals aren’t conscious of the purpose of”cloud” which is affecting how we use technology on a daily basis. Cloud computing enables a centralized information database system that may be obtained through your notebook, tablet computer, smartphone, or some other Internet-abled device.

Despite its popularity, many companies have still failed to embrace cloud computing in any form. It can help organizations to improve their services and products, and their internal communications. Through cloud computing technology, the whole workforce can connect together along with the information, functionality, or any other substance that they require.

Wearable Technology
The advent of wearable technology, in the kind of smartwatches and obsolete Google Glass, has changed the way people interact with the world around them. The majority of these wearable devices are devoted to health and fitness monitoring; it provides businesses a new opportunity to promote healthy and active lifestyles for their workers by equipping them with fitness trackers.

It is impossible to predict how each technology will impact your business or your workforce, but it’s essential to be conscious of tech advancements in the business to react before your competitor. Adopting a new approach to leverage emerging technology for your business might be the plus you will need to get a leg up on your competitors.